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Re: [ontolog-forum] Proposal for UBL Ontology Project

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Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 12:59:54 -0500
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I agree that developing a non-trivial public ontology with
a view to a particular application would be a valuable
contribution to the discussions of how to build useful ontologies  --
BUT I have one very strong caveat:  I think that there
needs to be developed at the same time a real-life public-
domain APPLICATION that uses the ontology in a non-trivial
way to illustrate the reasoning capacity that the ontology
is intended to provide.  Without the "reality check" of
a functioning application (which should run on multiple
platforms, and not need any LISP license) I would fear
that any such project would get seriously bogged down in
endless controversy based on varying preferences,
ontological theories, intuitions, extrapolations from
other experience, and educated guesses as to how such an
ontology might function in actual practice.  In addition,
before starting, there should be agreement on a firm set
of rules as to how controversies are to be decided, and
preferably a set of deadlines as to when particular
phases of the effort should be completed.
     With those safety features in place, I would
enthusiastically participate in such a project [and
grudgingly with a sour face participate without them ;-)].    (01)

     If anyone already has a freely available application
that could be adapted to using such an ontology, I hope that
we can all get a copy.  Otherwise, are there any programmers
with experience in building ontology-driven applications who
could help build one for this  project?  My own programming
skills are minimal, and I would be able to contribute
mostly to upper ontology structure.    (02)

     Pat    (03)

Patrick Cassidy    (04)

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Kurt Conrad wrote:
> All,
> A few weeks ago, Peter forwarded a message announcing the release of a 
> new Universal Business Language (UBL) Library (see 
> http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/ontolog-forum/2003-01/msg00022.html).
> There has been some discussion around the idea of creating an ontology 
> based on the UBL schemas.  After discussing this idea with some of the 
> principles of the UBL effort, the general consensus is that the existing 
> specification (http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lcsc/0p70/) is 
> stable enough to begin engineering an ontology from it.
> It also appears that this project would mesh nicely with the goals that 
> motivated many of us to join the Ontolog forum in the first place, most 
> notably:
> - Learn about ontologies (concepts, language, best practices)
> - Identify a lifecycle process for developing ontology-based systems
> - Increase awareness and understanding of ontology tools
> - Work with a group of people on a common ontology
> - Apply ontologies to real-world applications, especially eBusiness
> Some of the key activities needed to get this off the ground include:
> - Outlining objectives for the project
> - Developing methods and work plans
> - Identifying targeted formalization framework(s)
> - Ensuring access to needed tools and infrastructures for collaboration
> - Identifying project participants
> We all know success rates of these types of virtual projects.  As such, 
> I believe that we need a reality check before agreeing to take on this 
> mission.  Accordingly, I suggest that we all start by weighing in with 
> the potential objectives for this type of project to see if there is 
> sufficient interest, alignment, and consensus.
> It is my hope that this project will prove to be more engaging than a 
> general discussion has been and will encourage more participants to 
> weigh in with their potentially divergent ideas about ontological 
> engineering.
> Your thoughts?
> /s/ kwc 2003.03.02 23:17
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