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Re: [ontolog-forum] Proposal for UBL Ontology Project

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Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 12:34:19 -0500
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I think this is an excellent idea.  Virtual projects might be difficult,
but this is certainly worthwhile and I would like to participate as a
doctoral student researching how best to implement ontologies, how to
incorporate them into a broader systems engineering process, and
identifying guidance (e.g., rules of thumb) to support decision makers,
e.g., program managers, sponsors of systems.    (01)

I would suggest another goal to the list below:
- Identify appropriate metrics to measure and capture those measures during
this project (as a starting point to developing guidance).    (02)

Technical Staff, MITRE Corporation
PhD Student @ Geo. Mason Univ's School of IT and Engineering, Fairfax, VA    (03)

Kurt Conrad wrote:    (04)

> All,
> A few weeks ago, Peter forwarded a message announcing the release of
> a new Universal Business Language (UBL) Library (see
> http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/ontolog-forum/2003-01/msg00022.html).
> There has been some discussion around the idea of creating an
> ontology based on the UBL schemas.  After discussing this idea with
> some of the principles of the UBL effort, the general consensus is
> that the existing specification
> (http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lcsc/0p70/) is stable enough to
> begin engineering an ontology from it.
> It also appears that this project would mesh nicely with the goals
> that motivated many of us to join the Ontolog forum in the first
> place, most notably:
> - Learn about ontologies (concepts, language, best practices)
> - Identify a lifecycle process for developing ontology-based systems
> - Increase awareness and understanding of ontology tools
> - Work with a group of people on a common ontology
> - Apply ontologies to real-world applications, especially eBusiness
> Some of the key activities needed to get this off the ground include:
> - Outlining objectives for the project
> - Developing methods and work plans
> - Identifying targeted formalization framework(s)
> - Ensuring access to needed tools and infrastructures for collaboration
> - Identifying project participants
> We all know success rates of these types of virtual projects.  As
> such, I believe that we need a reality check before agreeing to take
> on this mission.  Accordingly, I suggest that we all start by
> weighing in with the potential objectives for this type of project to
> see if there is sufficient interest, alignment, and consensus.
> It is my hope that this project will prove to be more engaging than a
> general discussion has been and will encourage more participants to
> weigh in with their potentially divergent ideas about ontological
> engineering.
> Your thoughts?
> /s/ kwc 2003.03.02 23:17
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