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[cctont-imp] Re: Business/eBusiness Controlled Vocabulary - English Def

To: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
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From: "Monica J. Martin" <Monica.Martin@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 09:47:46 -0700
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Peter Yim wrote:    (01)

> In the course of developing our ontology, we should be referencing 
> adopted standard definitions in our work as much as we can.
> Could anyone on this list suggest/offer resources on the "official" 
> (or defacto) English definitions of business terms.
> ... In particular,
> Sue,  I remember you were working on (or have access to) a set of such 
> controlled vocabulary and their definitions. Is there something you 
> could provide us to use as a reference?
> Garret,  at our 2004.06.15 meeting, you mentioned that there is a ISO 
> TC 154 group working on this. Is this the same effort that Sue is 
> working on, or a different initiative? Any resource you can point us to?
> Monica, I went back to an earlier discussion 
> which led to 
> and 
> then the link you shared: 
> Somehow, the link doesn't work any more. Would you still have access 
> to that resource; or, documents/standards relating to the subject 
> matter that this presentation had pointer us to (if they are different 
> from the two items (what Sue and/or the TC 154 people are working on).
> Anyone else?
> Thanks & regards.  -ppy
mm1: I think this is the correct link although I've not looked at it 
very closely:
Thanks.    (02)

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