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Re: [cctont-imp] CCT to SUMO

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From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 11:56:09 -0700
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Thanks, Adam.    (01)

Folks (esp. Garret, Nenad, Alan, Tim & Sue),    (02)

1. I've uploaded Adam's html-based worksheet to:    (03)    (04)

2. It's high time to do a sync-up call again. Are you guys available 
if we do a call:    (05)

(a) this afternoon (say 2004.06.22 1:00pm PDT / 4:00pm EDT), or    (06)

(b) Thu morning before the ontolog call (2004.06.24, say 9:15am PDT / 
12:15pm EDT)?    (07)

We can use the call to clarify any question that are still bothering 
us, and discuss a bit more on how best to put this work in front of 
the standards community. I'd like to open this work up to ontolog 
community review and comments latest by the weekly ontolog conference 
call this Thursday (2004.06.24 10:30am PDT / 1:30pm EDT).    (08)

[ppy: Unfortunately, I have a full day event with the eGov people, 
followed by a scheduled maintenance visit to the server farm -- 
therefore, Wed 2004.06.23 is totally out for me.]    (09)

Please advise ASAP, I'll make reservations for the conference bridge 
(and send out the call invitations) as soon as I hear back from one 
more person (so far, both Adam and I are ok with both slots above.)
Garret? Alan?    (010)

--    (011)

Adam Pease wrote Tue, 22 Jun 2004 10:11:25 -0700:    (012)

> Hi Peter,
> At 09:17 AM 6/21/2004 -0700, Peter Yim wrote:
>> Adam,
>> This is great!
> Thanks!
>> Comments:
>> 1. There's a "< td valign=top>monetaryValue" on the third line, along 
>> with two "</td>'s" under the "Primitive data-type" column on the 
>> "Code. Type" and "Date Time. Type" rows. Note sure what they are (or 
>> if they belong there at all.) Please clarify (or clean up).
> I'm not sure where you are looking.  Line 3 is blank on my version.
>> 2. After update, please rename file (as "CCTONT-worksheet-v0-3a.html" 
>> to reflect update. Kindly upload that (via WebDAV) to the work folder 
>> at: (feel 
>> free to email me, if you want me to do the upload.) That way, we can 
>> refer to it via a URL.
> ok, here you go
> Adam
>> Regards.  -ppy    (013)

>> Adam Pease wrote Sun, 20 Jun 2004 18:38:47 -0700:
>>> Folks,
>>>   Here's an HTML page showing mappings of CCT to SUMO (+MILO etc).
>>> Adam    (014)

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