OpenOntologyRepository: Project Team Member (regular planning & admin) Conference Call - Tue 2013_12_03    (41DR)

This is a regular OOR Team meeting. We will be pick up from our last monthly OOR team confcall on 2013_11_05 and continue to use this meeting to work up plans and administrative details for the OOR Team, and to discuss how we will be supporting the upcoming OntologySummit2014.    (41DS)

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Ref: our list of "Priorities & Most Critical Tasks At Hand" -    (41W9)

3.1 Review OOR priorities and focus    (41WA)

3.2 scheduling of OOR Events'    (41WN)

3.3 OOR and our support for the upcoming OntologySummit2014    (41X3)

most of the content below are inherited from the previous call(s), and will be edited/updated as this meeting progresses ...    (41X7)

4. Prior Discussions:    (41XY)

4.1 Discussion: tactically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 6 to 12 months    (41XZ)

4.2 Setting the metrics - what does "success" look like    (41Y5)

4.3 Action planning for "content drive" (getting people to upload ontologies) ... (deferred discussion of this item)    (41Y6)

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	Chat transcript from room: oor_20131203
	2013-12-03 GMT-08:00 [PST]
	------    (42D4)
	[6:56] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (42D5)
	 = OpenOntologyRepository: Project Team Member Meeting - Tue 2013_12_03 =    (42D6)
	This is a regular monthly planning & admin Conference Call    (42D7)
	session page:    (42D8)
	Attendees: KenBaclawski, MikeBennett (joined late), MikeDean, PeterYim (chair/scribe)    (42D9)
	 == Proceedings: ==    (42DA)
	[7:08] PeterYim: == discussion on what we should focus on at the OOR-Hackathon n.05 (slated for next Tuesday)    (42DB)
	[7:15] PeterYim: ref.    (42DC)
	(a) ontologies to support API4KBs and OntoIOp by Tara Athan and Elisa Kendall 
            - see:    (41WZ)
	(b) the OOR API and its current realisation in OntoIOp    (41X0)
	(c) integrating, or providing the API to incorporate OMV (extensions thereof; or even some generic set of metadata 
            for an ontology) to an OOR (actually, open or non-open.)    (41X1)
	(d) federation    (42CX)
	(e) ... more ideas?    (41X2)    (42DD)
	[7:18] PeterYim: Ken: possibilities (e) debug why the SOCoP-OOR is down, (f) debug when the O&M ontology ran 
        into parsing error with the SOCoP-OOR    (42DE)
	[7:27] PeterYim: [consensus] Ken / Mike / Peter: let's do this next Tuesday (Dec-10) (e) & (f) for the OOR-Hackathon n.05    (42DF)
	[7:31] PeterYim: [action] Peter will try to restart the SOCoP-OOR (which is down again now) ... or restore the vm image ... [done. system rebooted, and the SOCoP-OOR is operational again.--ppy/2013.12.08 ]    (42DG)
	[7:32] KenBaclawski: [re next Tuesday's Hackathon n.05 session (which is supposedly co-chaired by Ken & Till)] If Till 
        attends the session, then it would be helpful if he could tell us about his experience with mirroring the SOCoP ontologies 
        especially with regard to the issue of federation. However, the session would not be addressing federation as one of its objectives.    (42DH)
	[7:33] KenBaclawski: I will write up (e) and (f) on the Hackathon wiki page.    (42DI)
	[7:29] PeterYim: == discussion on who or whether we will still stand up a bioportal-based OOR instance when the next 
        revision level of the vm image comes out    (42DJ)
	[7:29] PeterYim: if at all, I suggest that it should be done on AWS (the amazon cloud)    (42DK)
	[7:40] KenBaclawski: Would it make sense to try basing OOR on the OntoHub code rather than on BioPortal code?    (42DL)
	[7:48] PeterYim: another possibility is to cancel the Hackathon n.05 session, and use the Tue Dec-10 meeting to discuss 
        the "basing OOR on the OntoHub code" possibility    (42DM)
	[7:48] PeterYim: [action] Ken will ping Till about this    (42DN)
	[7:51] PeterYim: [consensus] unless we feel we need another session, we will pause after the Dec-10 session, and put the full force of the OOR team to support OntologySummit2014 ... that means, after the Dec-10 OOR meeting, the next one will be in ~May-2014 (of course, there may be joint OOR-OntologySummit activities in the interim, while OntologySummit2014 is in session.)    (42DO)
	[7:54] PeterYim: Ken will advise Peter on next Tuesday's session agenda (so he can create the session page for it) by this Friday, hopefully.    (42DP)
	[7:56] PeterYim: -- session ended: 7:55am PST --    (42DQ)
 -- end in-session chat-transcript --    (41Z2)

6. Action items:    (41Z3)

7. Any Other Business:    (41Z5)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (41Z7)

 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2013.12.03-8:11am PST
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (41ZD)

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