OpenOntologyRepository: Project Team Member (regular planning & admin) Conference Call - Tue 2013_10_01    (3X8Z)

This is a regular OOR Team meeting. We will be pick up from our last monthly OOR team confcall and continue to use this meeting to work up plans and administrative details for the OOR Team for the rest of 2013.    (3X90)

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Ref: our list of "Priorities & Most Critical Tasks At Hand" -    (3Y1U)

3.1 Review OOR priorities and focus    (3Y8J)

3.2 scheduling of OOR Events'    (3Y2E)

most of the content below are inherited from the previous call(s), and will be edited/updated as this meeting progresses ...    (3Y2O)

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4.1 Discussion: tactically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 6 to 12 months    (3Y3G)

4.2 Setting the metrics - what does "success" look like    (3Y3M)

4.3 Action planning for "content drive" (getting people to upload ontologies) ... (deferred discussion of this item)    (3Y3N)

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	Chat transcript from room: oor_20131001
	2013-10-01 GMT-08:00 [PDT]
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	[6:58] PeterYim: .    (3YN2)
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	Attendees: ToddSchneider (chair), KenBaclawski, MichaelGruninger, PeterYim (scribe)    (3YN5)
	 == Proceedings ==    (3YN6)
	[7:04] ToddSchneider: The lack of ontologists is considered a 'risk' from a business perspective    (3YN7)
	[7:09] PeterYim: == ToddSchneider took the chair, and starts the call    (3YN8)
	[7:22] PeterYim: Todd: where do we stand, as the OOR initiative?    (3YN9)
	[7:26] PeterYim: the way I see it, is, OOR as a project, has grown from having a mandate (among others) 
        to develop the OOR code to just coming up with the 3 priorities - metadata, API & UI and convincing everyone
        (all ontology repository developers and stewards) to adopt them ... we then focus on developing OOR content, 
        because that is what will get us users and adoption.    (3YNA)
	[7:38] PeterYim: Todd, please try to mute your own phone if you are not talking    (3YNB)
	[7:39] ToddSchneider: Done.    (3YNC)
	[7:40] PeterYim: === re recent LeoObrst-IAOA drive - getting Formal Applied Ontology and the Semantic Web community closer ...    (3YND)
	[7:43] PeterYim: I think leveraging ISWC, which is starting in less than 3 weeks, is a good place to start    (3YNE)
	[7:46] PeterYim: [action item] OOR will plan on delivering a OOR paper, even a workshop?, at ISWC 2014 (Trentino, IT)    (3YNF)
	[7:50] PeterYim: Michael: ISWC has 3 tracks (Research, Industry, IN-Use) ... and sessions emerge only after papers 
        are accepted (which has a 1 in 6 rate)    (3YNG)
	[7:51] PeterYim: Todd: maybe the right wordings in the call-for-papers will help drive up the odds    (3YNH)
	[7:52] PeterYim: Michael: TaniaTudorache will be the Research Track chair ... and the right contact    (3YNI)
	[8:03] PeterYim: KenBaclawski / ToddSchneider / PeterYim: at an upcoming (next?) OOR meeting (when we have more people), 
        let's decide who will champion the ISWC-2014 "paper" effort    (3YNJ)
	[8:06] PeterYim: I need the session title and abstract for the next 2 sessions quickly 
        (ref. ) ... 
        Oct-8: "Meta-Ontology for Ontology Categories" - Co-chairs: TillMossakowski & MichaelGruninger ... 
        Oct-15: "OOR Hackathon n.05 "Federation" - Co-chairs: TillMossakowski & KenBaclawski 
                ... please furnish asap [attn: Michael & Ken - please work with Till on that and supply asap]    (3YNK)
	[8:08] PeterYim: KenBaclawski: I will need to get in touch with MikeDean re "OOR federation" as well.    (3YNL)
	[8:07] PeterYim: -- session ended: 8:02am PDT --    (3YNM)
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6. Action items:    (3Y4L)

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7. Any Other Business:    (3Y4N)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (3Y4P)

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 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (3Y4W)

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