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This is a regular OOR Team meeting. The last time we did OOR planning (specifically: "Strategy & Tactics") was in Jun-2013. We will be pick up from those discussions and try to use this meeting to work up plans and administrative details for the OOR Team for the rest of 2013.    (3WHA)

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Ref: our list of "Priorities & Most Critical Tasks At Hand" - - and, picking up from our last "Revisiting the OOR Strategy and Tactics - II" discussion - OOR/ConferenceCall_2013_06_18, specifically,    (3WJ6)

3.1 Review OOR priorities and focus    (3WJD)

3.2 scheduling of OOR Events for the rest of 2013    (3WJN)

most of the content below are inherited from the previous call(s), and will be edited/updated as this meeting progresses ...    (3WJX)

4. Prior Discussions:    (3WKO)

4.1 Discussion: tactically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 6 to 12 months    (3WKP)

4.2 Setting the metrics - what does "success" look like    (3WKV)

4.3 Action planning for "content drive" (getting people to upload ontologies) ... (deferred discussion of this item)    (3WKW)

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	2013-09-03 GMT-08:00 [PDT]
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	[7:02] PeterYim: .    (3WPV)
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	Attendees: MichaelGruninger (chair), PeterYim (scribe), BobSmith, DanielCoutoVale, KenBaclawski, 
	MikeBennett, MikeDean, TillMossakowski, ToddSchneider.    (3WPY)
	 == Proceedings ==    (3WPZ)
	[7:00] anonymous morphed into ToddSchneider    (3WQ0)
	[7:04] PeterYim: == MichaelGruninger takes the chair ...    (3WQ1)
	[7:04] List of attendees: BobSmith, KenBaclawski, MichaelGruninger, MikeDean, PeterYim, ToddSchneider, anonymous    (3WQ2)
	[7:08] anonymous morphed into DanielCoutoVale    (3WQ3)
	[7:08] DanielCoutoVale: I'm also online    (3WQ4)
	[7:11] PeterYim: === ideas for OntologySummit2014 topic (synergistic with OOR)    (3WQ5)
	[7:13] MichaelGruninger: I think that the topic "The Ontology Spectrum Revisited: from CL and 
	OntoIOp to LinkedData and" would align quite well with the OOR, illustrating the 
	comprehensive scope of the existing ontology repositories    (3WQ6)
	[7:14] MichaelGruninger: Federation and Integration is also aligned with some of our objectives, 
	particularly in the relationships between ontologies within a repository, as well as relationships 
	among different repositories    (3WQ7)
	[7:20] MichaelGruninger: Possible topic -- How do I find the right ontology for me to use in my application?    (3WQ8)
	[7:26] ToddSchneider: Evaluation of ontologies has a bearing on OOR and we've discussed how to 
	support it in the past.    (3WQ9)
	[7:28] PeterYim: maybe we can discuss here how OOR can be relevant to "Big Data" (or, maybe, 
	specifically, dataset vocabularies) ... so the OntologySummit can push Ontology's potential 
	contribution in the "Big Data" space    (3WQA)
	[7:28] PeterYim: === positioning OOR in the OntologyBasedStandards initiative    (3WQB)
	[7:28] MichaelGruninger: Upcoming sessions for the Ontology-based Standards series: 
	1. Ontology-based Standards in the area of Quantities and Units of Measure [PeterYim, FrankOlken?]
	2. Ontology-based Standards in Geospatial Domains [TaraAthan, Gary Berg-Cross]
	3. Ontology-based Standards in Manufacturing [BobYoung, MichaelGruninger, RichardMartin]
	4. Ontology-based Financial Standards (e.g. ISO 15944, FIBO) [MikeBennett, BillMcCarthy, ElieAbiLahoud]
	5. Standards and Ontology Metadata [ElisaKendall, TerryLongstreth]
	6. Ontologies for Social Networks [KenBaclawski, EricChan]
	7. How ontologies can help with the formal specification of the natural language standards [SimonSpero, RichardMartin, MarkJohnson, KenBaclawski]
	8. Synthesis and harmonization of the ontologies and standards presented in the miniseries [???]    (3WQC)
	[7:30] ToddSchneider: [ref. Ken's verbal comment that there are existing work that extracts 
	ontologies from the written (natural language) standards] Ken, can you provide an example?    (3WQD)
	[7:35] KenBaclawski: @Todd: OASIS ICOM    (3WQE)
	[7:35] MichaelGruninger: Have a joint session on the OOR perspective on Ontology-based Standards / 
	This will include a summary of the standards-related ontologies that we could upload to a 
	repository. [This session can be stood up during one of the OOR Tuesday meeting slots, as the 
	OntologyBasedStandards mini-series event schedule (slated for the Thursday Ontolog event slot) is 
	already very full.    (3WQF)
	[7:36] MichaelGruninger: We will also invite participants of the Ontolog series to contribute their 
	standards-related ontologies to one of the repositories. This invitation will be made in the first 
	session of the mini-series    (3WQG)
	[7:38] KenBaclawski: My students will be developing projects that will be relevant to ontology-based 
	standards and it would be great if they could participate in a session.    (3WQH)
	[7:37] PeterYim: === collaboration and synergies with IAOA    (3WQI)
	[7:40] TillMossakowski: Call for submission for the FOIS competition:    (3WQJ)
	[7:43] TillMossakowski: I have lost my Skype connection    (3WQK)
	[7:44] PeterYim: Till / Michael / Peter: we could use this FOIS competition as a use case to drive 
	the requirements and coordinate the OOR implementations so various instances of OOR can be ready to 
	support this competition    (3WQL)
	[7:48] TillMossakowski: ontology of categories that we will use for Ontohub:    (3WQM)
	[7:51] MichaelGruninger: @Till: Will October 1 be a good date for a session on the ontology categories?    (3WQN)
	[7:52] TillMossakowski: unfortunately not    (3WQO)
	[7:52] MichaelGruninger: @Till: What about October 8 or 15?    (3WQP)
	[7:53] TillMossakowski: have some problems here in Warsaw to find a place with WLAN *and* electric current    (3WQQ)
	[7:53] TillMossakowski: October 8 should work    (3WQR)
	[7:59] TillMossakowski: I won't make it on Sept. 17th (on my way back from WoMo), but Daniel will present Ontohub    (3WQS)
	[7:58] DanielCoutoVale: danielvale [at]    (3WQT)
	[8:03] PeterYim: === Scheduling - [consensus] we will go by the following session plans ...    (3WQU)
	[8:03] PeterYim: Tue 2013.09.10 - OOR Hackathon-IV - chair: Till & Ken    (3WQV)
	[8:04] PeterYim: Tue 2013.09.17 - OOR Common UI - chair: Ken with opening brief from Daniel    (3WQW)
	[8:04] PeterYim: No OOR event on Tue 2013.09.24    (3WQX)
	[8:06] PeterYim: Tue 2013.10.01 - regular OOR Team planning & admin meeting    (3WQY)
	[8:07] PeterYim: Tue 2013.10.08 - "Meta-Ontology for Ontology Categories" - co-chair: Till & Michael    (3WQZ)
	[8:09] PeterYim: -- session ended: 8:02am PDT --    (3WR0)
 -- end in-session chat-transcript --    (3WLS)

6. Action items:    (3WLT)

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7. Any Other Business:    (3WLV)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (3WLX)

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