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  1. upgrading to BioPortal v2.5    (2ECQ)
    • want to update the OOR-sandbox asap awaiting a response from PaulAlexander or anyone from NCBO or Stanford-BMIR (to give us the tag# of the code to install)    (2EDS)
    • beware of the demo at SemTech on Thu 2010.06.24 ... we don't want the OOR-sandbox to be down that day    (2EKL)
    • Peter will talk to Natasha et al. to find out status, and get a recommendation on whether or not we should do the upgrade to the OOR-sandbox before or after the SemTech demo.    (2EKM)
  2. installation support - vm install images; install scripts    (2ECR)
    • install templates, image downloads etc. will be at <>    (2EDT)
      • Ken: NEU will possibly provide a mirror site to serve downloads too    (2EKS)
    • Ken: some issues    (2EKN)
      • we'll be supporting both VMware and Xen, on guest OS: CentOS    (2EKO)
      • supporting 32-bit single cpu; 2GB ram requirement;    (2EKT)
      • stock content: pizza, UCDO (use cases description ontology)    (2EKP)
        • Todd also suggests BFO and DOLCE (Pat: the latter is only useful in FOL with its axioms)    (2EKQ)
        • Peter: would love to host an owl version of COSMO when Pat feels comfortable to    (2EKR)
      • Mike: offering to do testing for the image (as a local backup for the upcoming demo) - running VMware on the MAC    (2EKU)
      • what version will be have images for: in the beginning it will be driven by this group (people coming to the OOR-team meeting)    (2EKV)
      • Mike: please look into the ability to help load existing contents quickly (on top of stock contents)    (2EKW)
        • Ken: this could be a new use case for us.    (2EKX)
        • Mike: given the heavy bandwidth requirement, consider layering the images    (2EKY)
  3. a brief on the ORES-2010 workshop [AlexGarcia, MathieuDaquin, ChristophLange, KimViljanen et al.]    (2EC2)
  4. intro of OOR-related work that's starting at ORNL [LinePouchard, Mouna Kettani, et al.]    (2ECE)
  5. organization and planning status on the Joint OOR-NCBO-Ontolog "IPR" Panel Sessions ... and picking dates for the session(s) - PeterYim, CameronRoss, Dave Rubenson    (2EC4)
    • tie down a prelim mini-series plan, and some dates    (2ECF)
    • Peter: Possibly 3 sessions - (a) intro to IPR landscape, (b) Issues, (c) Discussion and try to reach consensus    (2ELH)
      • can't do it today, but will try to lock in 3 dates real soon    (2ELI)
  6. organization and planning status on the two tracks of the "Content" Panel Sessions ... and picking new labels and dates - PatCassidy & DeniseBedford    (2EC3)
  7. Schedule a next OOR-SIO panel session    (2ECG)
  8. reports on member activities that are OOR-related    (2EC5)
  9. ...    (2EE8)

... some of the items on the page now are from the previous call(s), and will be updated as we progressed on this meeting.    (2EC6)

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 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2010.06.11-10:40am PDT
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (2EHL)

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