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  1. (introduced by AlexGarcia) ImmanuelNormann, VyacheslavZholudev and ChristophLange will tell us about their work on ontology repository versioning mechanisms    (2DT9)
  2. organization and planning status on the Joint OOR-NCBO-Ontolog "IPR" Panel Sessions ... and picking dates for the session(s) - PeterYim, CameronRoss, Dave Rubenson    (2DTB)
  3. organization and planning status on the two tracks of the "Content" Panel Sessions ... and picking new labels and dates - PatCassidy & DeniseBedford    (2DTC)
  4. reports on member activities that are OOR-related    (2DTE)
    • OOR-sandbox status    (2DTF)
    • code repository status    (2DZG)
      • Mike: will work on starting the trunk before the end of the week    (2DZO)
      • will start by migrating the BBN trunk over (which is based on BioPortal v2.1) where the BBN federation codes    (2DZP)
      • will add KenBaclawski as a repository admin    (2DZQ)
    • NCBO    (2DZC)
    • NEU    (2DTG)
      • Ken: active and busy    (2DZT)
      • gatekeeping code almost ready, will add when new repository is up    (2DZU)
    • BBN    (2DTH)
      • Mike: no new update    (2DZV)
    • Bremen    (2DTI)
      • John: no new update    (2DZY)
    • UToronto    (2DTJ)
    • Ryerson    (2DTK)
      • Bart: just got an OOR instance up and running on a VMware instance    (2DZZ)
      • suggest if someone can make vm image available to ease installation    (2E00)
        • Ken: have a student who is trying to simplify the installation, hopefully, there will be less installation issues after that (will have more to report in a couple of weeks)    (2E01)
        • after this weekend's upgrade, Ken will try to get an image of the new install (Tomcat 6, java 6, BioPortal core v2.4)    (2E02)
    • Mathet    (2DTL)
    • SOCoP    (2DZD)
    • MMI    (2DZH)
      • Ken: I'm talking to the MMI and will try to get efforts (in relation to OOR) coordinated    (2E03)
    • Use Cases    (2DTM)
    • SIO    (2DTN)
    • Outreach - FOIS, ORES10, SemTech, ...    (2DTO)
      • see reports ref. FOIS (Leo, John), ORES10 (Alex, Christoph) & SemTech (Mike, Todd, Peter) below    (2E0K)
      • AlexGarcia, KenBaclawski and MikeDean will explore proposing a workshop (similar to ORES) at ISWC - Nov. 2010, Shanghai - May 7 is deadline for workshop proposal.    (2E0H)
        • Alex will take lead and do a first draft of the proposal    (2E0L)
        • Peter will check with Natasha to see if they might be proposal a similar workshop for ISWC 2010    (2E0J)
    • Funding    (2DTP)
      • Ken: NSF OCI-STCI proposal submmitted    (2E04)
      • Alex: exploring a G8 possibility ... will keep everyone posted    (2E0I)

... some of the items below are from the previous call(s), and will be updated as we progressed on this meeting.    (2DTT)

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7. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (2DVS)

 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2010.04.30-10:29am PDT
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (2DW1)

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