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[ontology-summit] Ontology Summit 2014 Hackathon - Optimized SPARQL perf

To: "Ontology Summit 2014 discussion" <ontology-summit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Victor Chernov <vchernov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 11:57:01 +0400
Message-id: <144515890.20140426115501@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
We made minor modifications in the report.  The new version of the report can be downloaded from


===================== 25.04.2014, 19:08:10: =====================

We modified the report. The following important notes added:
Virtuoso and Stardog representatives expressed their disagreement with our results.
According to Virtuoso opinion it was necessary to configure their triplestore before the experiments. Unfortunately there were no participants from Virtuoso. Configuring Virtuoso without them would be time consuming, we have experimented with the default settings.
For Stardog we could not adjust the Native API without presence of Stardog developers, and had to use dotNetRDF that works through HTTP. Strictly speaking that does not meet the announced topic of the research.
In view of the above, we present only the results NitrosBase. Nevertheless, the results of Virtuoso and Stardog were used by participants in the discussion as an additional confirmation of ontological database performance problems.
The report can be downloaded from

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