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From: "Steve Ray" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 07:40:12 -0700
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Thank you to those who attended yesterday’s call that covered the 2009 Ontology Summit. As a result of the call:


-          I have amended the phrasing of the summit communiqué to better clarify the listing of the nine projects as *examples* that illustrate the intent of the community. I hope that more of you will now be comfortable in endorsing the communiqué.

-          We will have a dedicated mailing list on which to continue discussions arising from the summit (such as the current discussion on units and measures). Stay tuned for the announcement of that list.

-          Peter Yim has posted the chat transcript and audio archive of yesterday’s call.

-          We have agreed to revisit the nine projects, and possibly other additional projects, on a quarterly basis, to maintain the momentum and visibility as they move forward.

-          A number of ideas have been put forward for consideration as topics for next year’s summit, including:

o   Natural language / controlled language research

o   Use cases and business cases for ontologies

o   Education and training

o   Categories of ontology applications (possibly combined with the use-case idea above)

o   Barriers to ontology use


Please see the chat transcript for other related ideas. I hope that you will continue to be engaged as we help, as a community, to move this technology into the mainstream.



Steven R. Ray, Chair

2009 Ontology Summit


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