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Thank you Denise; welcome everyone to the world of Intellectual Property, and the second the enclosure movement (see Boyle); attached is a copy of a somewhat old but still relevant white paper on the subject. I am not a lawyer and you would be advised to obtain (purchase) an “opinion letter” from the learned brethren if you are looking to enforce intellectual property as falsely claiming to own is as bad as taking what you do not own.


For my part everything I contribute to any form is in the public domain, I believe this also hold for employees of the federal government.




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Accurate descriptions start with ISO 8000-100 quality master data



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Question -- so, any of us who contribute ideas that derive from our own work in other environments is now the property of Ontolog?  I think we need to be clear about this.  I must say that I find this trend to be going in exactly the opposite direction that I think a collaboration should go.


If one person is now the author of the ontology metadata, then we must assume that work derived in no part or has no overlaps from the earlier work that Bob Smith did on this topic, correct?  And, that it has no derivative from any other existing published metadata profile or standard. 


I sincerely hope I'm misunderstanding this discussion having just "dropped into it" and trying to sort out the thread quickly.


Best regards,




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