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Hello All,     (01)

This chapter may be of general interest in the context of the recent 
discussion.          (02)

    Book Title  - Semantic Web
    Chapter Title  - Semantic Web Standards: Legal and Social Issues and 
    First Page  - 413
    Last Page  - 433
    Copyright  - 2007
    Author  - Dov Greenbaum
    Author  - Mark Gerstein
    DOI  - 10.1007/978-0-387-48438-9_19
    Link  - http://www.springerlink.com/content/w11j217816074370    (03)

Dov Greenbaum is a Stanford Law School fellow
http://www.law.stanford.edu/directory/profile/326/Dov%20Greenbaum/    (04)

________________________________    (05)

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All,    (07)

Question -- so, any of us who contribute ideas that derive from our own work in 
other environments is now the property of Ontolog?  I think we need to be clear 
about this.  I must say that I find this trend to be going in exactly the 
opposite direction that I think a collaboration should go.    (08)

If one person is now the author of the ontology metadata, then we must assume 
that work derived in no part or has no overlaps from the earlier work that Bob 
Smith did on this topic, correct?  And, that it has no derivative from any 
other existing published metadata profile or standard.      (09)

I sincerely hope I'm misunderstanding this discussion having just "dropped into 
it" and trying to sort out the thread quickly.    (010)

Best regards,    (011)

Denise     (012)

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