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Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 10:11:07 -0500
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RE: Conference Call 2008 02 07    (01)

Unfortunately I was only able to partially participate, every time the
conference call got interesting I was interrupted and had to come and
go. Thank you Peter for making the recording available to catch up
afterwards.    (02)

My questions have to do with  3.1.1 Life-Cycle of Ontology Repositories:    (03)

- Roughly what time frame is envisioned for the Life-Cycle of a
typical ontology and the Open Ontology Registry?    (04)

- What steps or stages comprise the entire life cycle? What are good
examples of ontologies that have been through an entire lifecycle?    (05)

- Will ontologies that are abandoned or replaced be archived? If the
repository maintains ontologies for such long periods of time that
languages have changed, but "old" data is encountered in the future
which may fit better with an older ontology - are there any plans for
how long ontologies will maintained at the repository (as opposed to
the places or communities where they are made) after their useful
lifecycle?    (06)

Thank you,    (07)

Deborah L. MacPherson
Projects Director, Accuracy&Aesthetics
Specifier, WDG Architecture PLLC    (08)

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