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Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 13:52:54 -0600
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Folks,    (01)

Now that we have launched the Ontology Summit 2008, let's get right
into discussing the topics leading to an open ontology repository.    (02)

This email is to give you an overview of topics and the process for
participating.    (03)

First, thank you to the Champions for volunteering to maintain
synopsis pages.  Each main topic will have an associated wiki page
pulling together the discussions, adding references and resources.
The wiki page will give you the option to review the current state of
the discussion and act as a jumping in point.    (04)

The topic area Synopsis pages are linked from
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2008#nid18T1    (05)

Now  to "How to Post".    (06)

When you post to a thread, please place the main topic keyword in
square brackets at the beginning of the subject line.  This will help
with topic coordination.  Of-course there will always be overlap, so
choose your view of "closest" main topic as a keyword.    (07)

The five main topics are:    (08)

* Communiqué and Mission Statement - champions to come from Organizing Group
keyword: [Summit-Focus]
page: OntologySummit2008_SummitFocus    (09)

* Ontology Repository Architecture - championed by MichelleRaymond and
keyword: [Repository-Arch]
page: OntologySummit2008_RepositoryArchitecture
* Ontology of Ontologies - championed by MichaelGruninger and PatHayes
keyword: [Ont-of-Ont]
page: OntologySummit2008_OntologyOfOntologies
* Quality and Gateways - championed by BarrySmith and t.b.d.
keyword:  [Quality-Gate]
page: OntologySummit2008_QualityandGateway
* State of the Art Repository Work - championed by FrankOlken
keyword: [State-of-Art]
page: OntologySummit2008_StateOfArt    (010)

As the discussions evolve there will be many new and exciting threads
in each Main Topic. Below is a list of some of the suggested topics
arranged by Main Topics. The five Main Topics are the starting point.
In the course of the next 3 months other key ideas may come forth to
warrant becoming Main Topics with Champions.   These will be added by
the Content Committee based on community opinion and support.    (011)

Toward an Open Ontology Repository - "Launch Arrangement" of Topic Structure    (012)

1 Communiqué and Mission Statement - Champions (to come from
Organizing Committee)
  1.1 Purpose of Ontology Repositories Research and Implementation
  1.2 Connectivity of Information Sources and Knowledge Services
  1.3 Improve Data Registry creation, services and maintenance
  1.4 Interoperability
  1.5 Early adopters of an open ontology repository
  1.6 Alignment with previous Ontology Summit work    (013)

2 Ontology Repository Architecture - Champions (MichelleRaymond and RaviSharma)
  2.1 Functional Requirements
  2.2 Structure of Repository
    2.2.1 Objects and Classifications
    2.2.2 Scope and View
  2.3 Infrastructure for Repository Support and Services
  2.4 Layers for Data Types
    2.4.1 Repository Upper Ontology
    2.4.2 Ontology Repository
    2.4.3 Taxonomically Valid Registry
    2.4.4 Common Vocabulary Tags for retrieved data    (014)

3 Ontology of Ontologies - Champions (MichaelGruninger and PatHayes)
  3.1 Repository Management
    3.1.1 Life-Cycle of Ontology Repositories
    3.1.2 Ontology Metadata and Version Control
    3.1.3 Modular Ontology Connection and Management
    3.1.4 Users and Roles
    3.1.5 Logging and Metrics
  3.2 Browse, Search, Query and Indexing for Ontology Repositories
  3.3 Editing and Annotation of Ontologies and the Repository holding
the Ontologies
  3.4 Mapping and Integration within and cross Ontology Repositories
    3.4.1 Compatibility of Data cross Ontologies
    3.4.2 Integrating Multi-domain Taxonomies
    3.4.3 Ontology versus Taxonomy versus Vocabulary Mappings    (015)

4 Quality and Gatekeeping (modified title MichelleRaymond/2008.02.07)
- Champions (BarrySmith and tbd co-champion)
  4.1 Compatibility of data when crossing with other Repositories
  4.2 Monitoring conformity of Ontology
  4.3 Validation of Ontology against Encoding Standard
  4.4 Consistency within Ontology    (016)

5 State of the Art in Ontology Repository Work - Champion (FrankOlken)
  5.1 Standards work
  5.2 Current implementation
    5.2.1 Data Storage and Retrieval Methods
    5.2.2 Repository API
  5.3 Issues and lessons learned
    5.3.1 Current Gaps in Ontology Repository Viability
  5.4 Development Practices and Examples
  5.5 Test Practices and Examples
  5.6 Best practices for Ontology Repositories    (017)

Best regards,    (018)

Michelle Raymond    (019)

Principal Research Scientist
Honeywell ACS Labs    (020)

michellearaymond@xxxxxxxxx    (021)

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