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Thanks Amanda,


It's good to hear the group will continue.



Rich Cooper,

Rich Cooper,


Chief Technology Officer,

MetaSemantics Corporation

MetaSemantics AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com

( 9 4 9 ) 5 2 5-5 7 1 2



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Dear Ontolog Community Members,


Ontolog continues to transition from the infrastructure that Peter Yim has been providing for us, now that Peter has retired.  We've been looking into options for hosting this discussion list, and have concluded that, at least for now, a Google group is a good fit for our needs. Based on past community input, many of you may be particularly pleased to have email-based and web-based interaction options.


Over the next ten days, I will be adding this list's subscribers to the new Google group (direct additions to a group are limited to 100/day). When you are added to the group, you'll receive a welcome message by email. Once all current members have been added, I'll send messages to both the old list and the new group (in case of omission or error). At that point we'll be ready to flip the switch. 



Amanda Vizedom


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