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Here is a very thought provoking video by Sam Harris:



with title:

CNN | Sam Harris - It Is Always Now | FULL HD


His hypothesis is that our conscious experience is the result a posteriori of our explanation, or description of now. 


Let that hypothesis stand as an assumption in that theory which describes what exists. 


Then behavior and sensing is purely mechanical without any involvement of the decision making us. 


After the sensing is done at instant t, we use that information mechanically to perform behavior b. 


Behavior b also can change our state X:


b.1:  dx = A*x + B*i


which is the vector state equation for the canonical vector linear system description we all know and love, so we may as well add the output equation y:


b.2:  dy = C*x + D*i


That extra term i is the instantaneous input vector, as we all know.  And of course x and y are the state vector and the output vector, respectively.  Remember?


What Sam Harris is saying seems to be that our behavior b, which is sensed by the observer at time t, must have been already beginning at time t-k, but the observer of the said system (system "us") has the sensation of observing "us" at time t-k+1. 


Does anyone else see a usefulness in constructing a generic discrete linear model as a top level node in a time sensitive ontology that must run in real time?



Rich Cooper,

Rich Cooper,


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