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From: María Poveda <mpoveda@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 17:16:25 +0200
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From: Daniel Garijo <dgarijo@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 5:07 PM
Subject: Announcing OnToology, a tool for collaborative ontology development
To: dgarijo@xxxxxxxxx, Ahmad Alobaid <ahmad88me@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
We would like to introduce you to the beta version of OnToology (1), a tool that has been developed at the Ontology Engineering Group to help ontology developers who are keen on using GitHub to keep control of ontology versions in some of the last phases of the ontology development process.

OnToology helps ontology developers to document, evaluate, draw diagrams and publish ontologies, always providing them with the control on the generated outputs for additional editing.

OnToology integrates the OOPS! framework (2) for evaluation, Widoco (3) (based on LODE (4)) for documentation and the Ar2dTool (5) for the generation of taxonomy and entity-relationship diagrams. It also makes use of the Github pages (5) for the previsualisation of the generated HTML documentation.

How to use OnToology:
1. Enter your repository as user/repository i.e. myuser/myrepo (it does not work with organizations at the moment).
2. You will be redirected to Github to authorize OnToology to access your repository.
3. Update your repository and push.
4. OnToology will create pull request including generated files (documentation, diagrams and evaluation)
5. Merge the pull request created by OnToology

If you log in the OnToology portal with your Github account, you will also be able to monitor your repositories and enable/disable some of the features associated to them.

See a step by step example here: http://ontoology.linkeddata.es/stepbystep. An example here of the generated contents here: https://github.com/dgarijo/test/tree/master/OnToology/test.owl (previsualization page is available at http://dgarijo.github.io/test/OnToology/test.owl/documentation/index.html)

OnToology is open source, and available in GitHub (7). We welcome your feedback (and your collaboration on adding more features)!

Best regards,
Ahmad Alobaid, Daniel Garijo, María Poveda-Villalón, Idafen Santana and Oscar Corcho (OnToology team)

(1) http://ontoology.linkeddata.es/ (also available at: http://purl.org/net/ontoology)
(2) http://oops.linkeddata.es/
(3) https://github.com/dgarijo/Widoco
(4) http://www.essepuntato.it/lode
(5) https://github.com/idafensp/ar2dtool
(6) https://pages.github.com/
(7) https://github.com/OnToology/OnToology

María Poveda Villalón

PhD student
Ontology Engineering Group (OEG)
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Madrid, Spain

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