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Dear Roberto,


Would you (anyone) say this is correct...

4) The problem with many upper- or top-level ontologies is that they...

(a) implicitly assume that their categories are like Biological/Scientific Categories, i.e., they have mind-external referrents/correlates, etc.

[MW>] I don’t see this as a problem. Indeed I would consider it a problem if an ontology did not have mind external referents. Biological and scientific categories may be constructed with a particular viewpoint, and others might be valid, and if alternatives were excluded, that might be a problem.


(b) this can become dogmatic, an imposition, creating prohibitions, etc.


(c) the top-level categories are more accurately correlated with linguistic or everyday mental conceptualizations

[MW>] True for some. However, you need to use language to be able to describe your ontology.



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