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On 11/1/2014 8:11 AM, Doug Skuce wrote:
> i didnt know about the 20y cyc thing    (01)

It was a two-day shindig sponsored by DARPA, which had paid
for most of the research over the years.  We sat at tables
organized in a large horseshoe.  On the first day, Doug L
welcomed everybody and gave an overview, and a DARPA guy
presented the task:  evaluate Cyc and make recommendations
for the future.  Then a parade of Cyclers gave talks about
their work while we asked questions.    (02)

On the second day, the panel -- which consisted of Ed Feigenbaum,
Marvin Minsky, Richard Fikes, Bill Woods, Chuck Fillmore,
George Miller, Fritz Lehmann, a few others including some DARPA
guys, and me -- discussed the question of what, if anything,
DARPA should fund for the future.    (03)

One person who was *not* invited was Pat Hayes, who had offended
Lenat over the years by some of his pointed, but irritating remarks.    (04)

During the discussion, we reached a consensus:    (05)

  1. The original goals for Cyc, as Feigenbaum and Lenat had stated
     them in 1984, had not been met, and it was unlikely that they
     would be fully met in the next five years.    (06)

  2. But a great deal of important research had gone into Cyc,
     it was not adequately documented, and if Cyc were killed,
     all that research would be wasted.    (07)

  3. Therefore, it was essential for DARPA to fund documentation
     of the Cyc research and results.    (08)

  4. Cyc should also put more emphasis on applications that
     could contribute funds for further R & D.    (09)

  5. It would also be useful to make at least some of the Cyc
     ontology available as open source.    (010)

Bill Woods was appointed as the editor of the the report,
and there was an email list to which we contributed comments.    (011)

I didn't get a copy of the final report to DARPA, but the
funding to Cyc after 2004 was drastically cut, many Cyclers
were fired, and points #3, #4, and #5 above were implemented.    (012)

John    (013)

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