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[ontolog-forum] Metaphor and memes in belief groups

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Ontologists All,


Here is an article on metaphor, and on how Heather McCallum-Bayliss, an IARPA program manager, was working on metaphor in 2011. 




Does anyone know of any broadly useful results in metaphor that came out of this work, or perhaps you have other metaphor articles?


Also, in the way of communities believing in the same ontologies, this article says that political bias – either direction – causes people to trust or distrust news sources depending on how that source supports their preconceived tendency toward left or right persuasions. 


The roughly 1 in 5 Americans with consistently liberal or conservative views, based on a 10-question scale of political opinions, rely on very different sources of news and information, and nearly all the sources trusted by one side are heavily distrusted by the other.




I wonder if that indicates anything about metaphor?





Rich Cooper


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