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Re: [ontolog-forum] Visual Notation for OWL Ontologies (VOWL)

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Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 13:42:28 -0400
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On 5/13/14 1:47 AM, John F Sowa wrote:
In my 1984 book, I specified conceptual graphs as an extension of EGs
with syntactic sugar for such things.  That syntax is *not* in the CL
standard, because CL does not include all that ontology.

Let's assume that we would like to express the above Cyc or OWL
in English as "There is a squid that has exactly 10 tentacles."
In the CG notation of the 1980s, that would be represented as

    [Squid]->(HasPart)->[Tentacle: {*}@10].

In English, this can be read "There is a squid that has as parts
exactly 10 tentacles."  The notation {*}@10 is defined by an expansion
to a node of type Set, every element of which is of type Tentacle.
The node [Squid] is linked by HasPart to each node of type Tentacle.
But you would not normally do that expansion, except as a step
during some reasoning process.

Yes, but how does one lift your example into a HTTP network medium where documents create a hypermedia mesh of Linked Documents comprised of content that delivers Linked Data?
 [Squid]->(HasPart)->[Tentacle: {*}@10].

How does one comprehend and click through (as part of the comprehension endeavor using a medium such as the Web) the information encoded by the statement above? This is the the challenge we have today.

Taking the RDF based Linked Data route, I can place RDF statements in a document, denote entities in my relations using Linked Data principles, and use OWL to enrich the description of the nature of the things and relations in my statement/sentences/utterances [1].


[1] http://kingsley.idehen.net/describe/?url=""> -- About a Squid with owl:sames Inference enabled

http://kingsley.idehen.net/describe/?url="">  -- About a Squid .


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