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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology is affected by Personality

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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 23:12:35 -0500
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Rich,    (01)

The word 'reality', like nearly all words in nearly all languages,
is used with a wide range of meanings.    (02)

> I go further and state that reality, experienced differently
> by different people, is different for the two people.    (03)

There are people who use the word 'reality' in that way.    (04)

But there are some German words that make finer distinctions:    (05)

  1. The Umwelt is the species-specific perceptible environment of any
     species ranging from bacteria to humans.    (06)

  2. The Innenwelt (inner world) is the private, subjective way of
     interpreting or modeling the world by any individual of any
     species.    (07)

  3. The Lebenswelt (life world) is the specifically human way
     of using language and other symbols to organize, think about,
     and talk about our Umwelt, Innenwelt, and Mitwelt (social world).    (08)

Various German philosophers and psychologists have coined words
for related variations:  Merkwelt, Eigenwelt, Überwelt.    (09)

Jakob von Uexküll coined some of these terms, and his work is
a good starting point.  For the English version, see _A Foray
into the Worlds of Animals and Humans: with A Theory of Meaning_,
available for $20.75 from Amazon or bn.com.    (010)

You can browse the WWW for much more.  Wikipedia has some short
definitions and pointers to related material.    (011)

John    (012)

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