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Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 10:33:32 -0400
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On 7/24/13 10:16 AM, John Bottoms wrote:
3. SPARQL query editors -- like their SQL counterparts, these enable creation of globally accessible queries while also enabling the sharing of query results and their definitions
I strongly agree on this with an additional observation. SPARQL is at base a language. If you propose an editor for SPARQL then it sounds as if you are proposing a tool that converts something more user friendly such as a CNL or simplified NL into a valid SPARQL query. Is this correct?

The focus of this issue is the need to move from a syntax based construct to a semantic construct. Perhaps we should add "extensibility" to Tim's "diversity, heterogeneity, and interoperability".
This is where the *provincial* and a kind of *NIH* have hurt this component of the Semantic Web stack. Basically, in the SQL realm you have Query By Example (QBE) tools that enable a variety of user, integrator, and developer profiles to learn and exploit SQL, progressively.

In addition to QBE tools you need Report Writers too. Basically, the loose coupling that ODBC and JDBC deliver to SQL is something that SPARQL actually matches and exceeds via HTTP URIs. Ironically, this isn't basic instinct in the Semantic Web community, the tend to want to "rip and replace" everything with a programmer profile in mind  :-(

End-users, Integrators, Systems Analysts, and Domain Experts need to be part of the dialog. They also need to be the profile to which tools are targeted.


1. http://wikis.openlinksw.com/dataspace/owiki/wiki/OATWikiWeb/InteractiveSparqlQueryBuilderOverview -- slightly outdated doc for a SPARQL QBE tool (built in 2007)

2. http://bit.ly/17XDPkP -- live example of Report Writing from SPARQL queries using an HTML5 based rendition of Microsoft's PivotViewer (the original was a flawed Silverlight plugin)

3. http://bit.ly/127bwIQ -- presentation covering HTML5 based PivotViewer as a data visualization tool for SPARQL query results.



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