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Kingsley,    (01)

The one thing that strikes me about the Venn diagram is the absence of
context and the scope of that context. It's as if none of the three circles
have a real-world context and scope within which they are operative.     (02)

I'm not sure how one might show the context dependency using this kind of
Venn diagram conceptual analogy. The most appropriate visualization of
context and scope is probably itself context/perspective dependent. Part of
the issue is that while one could depict the three circles inside a still
larger circle labeled "context", with the size of that circle being driven
by the scope of the context, it's not clear to me that a single context
scope dimensions is appropriate to all three circles, and different context
dimensions are likely to be pertinent to each of the circles. The 
"logic" circle is probably the least context sensitive (but not entirely
free of context dependencies), but the other two circles have significant
context/scope dependencies, and not all in the same context scope dimensions
- which is why this is a hard problem to address.    (03)

Hans    (04)

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All,    (06)

A picture speaks a thousand words, here's a venn diagram that illustrates
how the following are related:    (07)

1. Identifiers -- entity denotation
2. Entity Relationships -- basically statements, claims, or propositions
expressing observation(s) using 3-tuple (triple) patterns 3. Predicate Logic
-- entity relationship semantics.    (08)

I've also made the venn diagram click-able so all you have to do is click on
a label and it will resolve to relevant material about the subject matter in
question.    (09)

Naturally, I value insights and suggestions from this community re. 
tweaks and improvements etc..    (010)

Links:    (011)

1. http://bit.ly/16EVFVG -- Venn diagram illustrating how Linked Data are
RDF are related .    (012)

--     (013)

Regards,    (014)

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