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On 7/11/12 5:39 PM, Chris Menzel wrote:
I discussed these issues in my 1984 book, my 2000 book, and numerous
papers about how to map language to and from logic.  And the answer
about paradoxes is that you fix them.  Database administrators have
probably faced more such examples than philosophers have dreamed of.

I highly doubt it.

As you know, modelling the real-world has always been an RDBMS paradox since RDBMS keys are based on the content of one of more fields/columns, which is extensional. When an RDBMS (as per ORDBMS hybrids) support reference values the door is opened up for intensionality since keys aren't based on record content. Up the ante by using de-referencable URIs as references in a hybrid DBMS and you can surmount the real-world modeling paradox.


1. http://bit.ly/L9VGo3 -- standard RDBMS based SELECT * query. Green links on the primary key indicate locally de-referencable identifiers as values

2. http://bit.ly/PN9uv1 -- effect of de-referencing local identifier

3. http://bit.ly/MjviYJ -- alternative intensional view using URIs (blue links)

4. http://demo.openlinksw.com/Northwind/customers/CustomerID/ALFKI#this -- actual URI which is accessible by copying @href which you can paste as is into any browser.

5. http://bit.ly/N5439N -- SPARQL query emphasizing intensionality while also demonstrating how real-world modelling paradox is surmounted via a hybrid DBMS.



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