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I found this excellent overview of Noam Chomsky’s viewpoints on self interest and on how that individual drive fits into modern institutions.  He describes a number of historical situations as he views them, and shows how they constrain republics, democracies and autocracies.  This may be of interest to those who seek to understand and precisely determine the scope of self interest:




Another Chomsky video is on liberalism, and on the filters which limit our easily available information.  He concludes that people can get the information they need, but not easily, from media and political sources which have self interests that are contrary to the citizens’ individual interests:




Chomsky is one of my favorite thinkers, as well as an originator of well known theories about how humans possess innate capabilities for language, creativity, and related functions:









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On Sat, May 26, 2012 at 3:39 PM, Pat Hayes <phayes@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Or, to sum up: there is no fact of the matter.

Why are we having to read this thread at all? Does having an answer to this unanswerable question actually matter? If so, why, and to whom?


I think the thread could be useful for showing three things: (1) That including facts in an ontology could be useful for some purposes; (2) that constructing a feasible theory of facts is a difficult and complex matter that requires a great deal of research, including a survey of a very large body of literature and, hence (3) that it's fun but largely a waste of time — vis-á-vis advancing the state of the art of ontological engineering — to spend a lot of time composing list emails reporting the results of one's private introspections regarding the meaning of the word "fact".





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