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On 4/7/12 12:20 PM, Rich Cooper wrote:
The point of the article, as I see it, is that individuals following self interest are the originators of knowledge, sharers of knowledge, and the source of social progress.  Grouping people into political units (such as religious movements, democracies, socialist states, dictatorships, pick your favorite or most reviled instance) is what turns the groups ultimately toward the dark side. 

Great point!

Some use the moniker 'Game Theory' for what your excerpt above.

Show me an innovator and I'll unravel a person that's had to solve a really frustrating personal problem that became a product. The much celebrated Steve Jobs is a prominent example, and of course there are a many others :-)

My passion for data access was the product of frustrations I had eons ago, while working as an accountant. I couldn't understand why Lotus 123 and other productivity tools  didn't have seamless hooks into back-end relational databases :-)


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