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[ontolog-forum] New Enterprise and IT Taxonomies

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From: Frank Guerino <Frank.Guerino@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 23:23:44 -0400
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Good Day,    (01)

I wanted to inform the group that, in a request for more content, the
Foundation has released a number of new taxonomies that include but are
not limited to:    (02)

* A "Glossary Taxonomy
_taxonomy.html>" that provides a hierarchy of Glossaries, Terms and
Definitions that are semantically grouped by relevant domain area.
* A "File Plan Taxonomy
ml>" that specifically correlates with the previously published "Records
Management Taxonomy
xonomy.html>" and the "Records Taxonomy
* A "Service Taxonomy
>" that covers the majority of all enterprise and IT services.
* A "Software Taxonomy
axonomy.html>" that itemizes the many different categories of enterprise
and IT software.    (03)

I remind the readers that the Foundation's goal is to supplement data,
information and knowledge professionals, especially those in IT and those
who cannot afford the services of expensive consulting and research
organizations, with controlled vocabularies, constructs, frameworks, and
learning material intended to help them be as successful as possible.  The
release of these Taxonomies is part of a series of steps by the Foundation
to do so.    (04)

The Foundation always urges readers to be well informed by exploring all
available option.  All Foundation content is open to the public and
subject to the terms of use that are listed on its site, which state, in
short, that users are free to leverage the material for themselves and
their enterprises but not profit from it in any manner.    (05)

Other IF4IT publications, such as various industry frameworks, can be
found on our Resources <http://www.if4it.com/resources.html> web page.    (06)

I hope you find the material useful.    (07)

My Best,    (08)

Frank Guerino, Chairman
The International Foundation for Information Technology
<http://www.if4it.com/> (IF4IT <http://www.if4it.com/>)
1.908.294.5191 (M)    (09)

>    (010)

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