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Dear Rich,    (01)

> I agree with Matthew re management planning.  The
> idea of a plan drawing (a la architects) is SO
> DIFFERENT in meaning as to be only lexically
> similar, as in the previously mentioned WordNet
> entries for set, put and get.      (02)

MW: The link is one of metaphor, rather than say
specialisation/generalisation, which happens a lot with words. But when that
happens you have to be very careful, because you get the same word being
used for concepts in very different categories, as you say.    (03)

> There is no
> similarity in meaning, and no commonality, between
> an engineering/architecture plan drawing and a
> project plan (actions from Before state to After
> state; resources and goals to be represented in
> FOL; see IDEF0 diagrams as representations of plan
> activities leading to specific action bindings for
> each activity).    (04)

MW: You need to be careful about what IDEF0 diagrams represent. They
represent a process rather than a plan, the boxes are classes of activity (a
process is pretty much the same thing as a method) it's a repeatable way of
doing something, but it does not have particular dates when the activities
will be executed, which a plan has.    (05)

Regards    (06)

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