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Dear Yefim,


Let me tell you a story about knowledge management.


Some managers were demanding that their knowledge management team captured all the knowledge about the business they were in (construction) so that the business could be largely deskilled, with unskilled labour following processes as defined in the manuals. The knowledge manager took them down to the local college and gave them several books on plastering, gave them the materials, showed them a blank wall, and asked them to plaster it. Not surprisingly after several hours all they produced was a mess. The knowledge manager returned with an expert plasterer who cleaned up the mess and had the wall perfectly plastered in about 5 minutes.




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I’d like to ask for your help.

Maybe some of you can point me to some article/research that would quantify “average” percentage of information that is never captured, so called “tribal knowledge”.


One of the directions I am working on is related to improving information quality. I am using conversational approach and semantic support to making information more precise and closing the informational gaps. I’ll talk more about this at the SemTech.


I am looking for some statistical numbers and would highly appreciate your help.


Thank you,


Yefim (Jeff)

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