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Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 13:35:59 +0100
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Ed and John,    (01)

Ed Barkmeyer a écrit :
> I think Bell Labs SNOBOL (vI) appeared in late 1962.  It was a 
> semi-procedural rule-based language for string processing, whose 
> execution model was based on a complex paraform string matching 
> algorithm.  (Later versions of the SNOBOL approach showed up in AWK and 
> other tools around 1970.)  And of course, Klaus Wirth's journey thru 
> experimental programming languages began in 1963-4.
Note that SNOBOL was, at least partly, a spin-off of Victor Yngve's 
COMIT, the first (I think) computer language practically used for string 
processing and computational linguistics-like applications. I have (very 
satisfactorily) used COMIT for several applications in the mid-60 at the 
Center for Cybernetics and Linguistic Applications of the University of 
Milan, including a small generative grammar program for Italian inspired 
from Yngve's "Little Train" work.    (02)

Regards,    (03)

Gian Piero ZARRI    (04)

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