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Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 15:27:24 +0000 (GMT)
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John, Thank you for the recommended literature
Nevertheless there is a difference betwen making replicas, 3d models, imitating 
other bodies in various arts, including personification, embodiment, making 
illusons of all sorts, including magicians tricks with making bodies disappear 
and reapper.     (01)

Nevertheless it is different from representing object (that otherwise have mass 
and enegy frozen in 2D) and offering them for visual inspection in a plane to 
enable you to focus on an object the surface of which is seemingly complete 
towards you, and is in focus together with all the other objects drawn or shown 
with sharper contour around it, which cannot be said of seeing them in reality, 
especially when you need move forward and away or around the object, hence 
change your viewpoint, i.e. your relation to the object which will influence 
your undertsanding of its further properties, including converting distance to 
time, etc. Presenting a replica is instantiation, imitation and copying in many 
cases proprotionaly to scale, using all sorts of non-natural materials yet to 
make you accept that such "animation", virtuall blended reality, etc. is more 
real than 2D pictures. This method of presentation has nothing to do with 
to objects (e.g. of knowledge) that are supposed to be stored in an organised 
fashion for retrieval. Scrolls, tablets, books, boards and shelves and many 
are just used for that. Describing the presence of such collections of bits of 
representations of the later objects as a replica, by making them represneetd 
in a network is like giving you a bundle of strings with nots and to give you a 
hard time. Even the sequences of the DNA or the images of brains MRI, etc., are 
presented in 2D piccures, unfolded and stretched horizontally.
Thanks, and sorry about not being clear enough for the frist time.
Ferenc     (02)

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