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Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2011 15:08:50 -0500
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Sean and Ferenc,    (01)

> In 3D systems, it is not the immediate 2D view that is
> important, but the ability to change viewpoint in 3D, and so create a 3D
> mental model. A 2D image only presents a single view, in practice, engineers
> really do think in 3D, and work by relating the 3D back to 2D views.    (02)

Thanks for stating something that everybody and anybody who thinks
about or works with world modeling must know and understand.    (03)

> the input to your eyes is on the retina, a flat surface...
> the question if how the brain processes those stimuli.    (04)

The answer for every animal from flies and frogs up to humans
is to integrate images from all (2 or more) eyes to form
a 3D representation at the earliest stage of perception.    (05)

Instead of sending questions to Ontolog Forum, I recommend
some work on studying the literature about neural processing
and computational geometry.    (06)

Jo    (07)

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