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Re: [ontolog-forum] Quote for the day -- KR and KM

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Thank you for the link to your presentation with many interesting ideas.

(I read it before and it is a good source for understanding the problem and thinking of a solution.)

One of the references seems to me come very close to answer my question.

I am talking about the COLORE project. http://stl.mie.utoronto.ca/colore/index.html


“COmmon Logic Ontology REpository (COLORE) addresses the question:

How can the Open Ontology Repository (OOR) support the integration of upper ontologies and also support the design and reuse of ontologies for existing and emerging standards?”


The main tools connecting ontologies are meta-data that include Direct Relationships section with the Maps (logical rules, similar to CycL rules) and other sub-sections.

My impression is that this meta-data with the maps (rules) are kept in a single knowledgebase.


But maybe this solution also provides a possibility for a distributed brain?

I mean that meta-data can be (potentially) kept in modules, not necessary in a single place.

This would scale up the solution.


What is the current status of this project? A lot of links comes back with 404 number.


Thank you and have a great weekend,


Yefim (Jeff)



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>> they collapsed their hierarchical definitions of everything into a
>> single massive ontology, while leaving other statements and rules about
>> them in separate ontologies (which they call "microtheories").

> What would be a better way to connect multiple ontologies?

A lattice.  See slides 61 to 81 of



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