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Re: [ontolog-forum] Quote for the day -- KR and KM

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I couldn't resist commenting on this remark:

> But Sjir does raise a valid question:  Show us an explicit
> business application that a comprehensible first-order ontology,
> or an OWL/DL model, and its associated reasoning engines can
> solve and that a conceptual schema and its associated reasoning
> engines cannot solve.  That is an entirely different question,
> and it  is one we must answer if we are to sell ontology as
> a true improvement on 'information modeling'.

I believe that for most software development, the UML diagrams
are a *better* ontology language than OWL.  Just the class
diagrams, by themselves, provide the most useful part of OWL.
The other UML diagrams support other subsets of FOL in a way
that is much easier to specify than OWL.

My recommendation is to use the UML diagrams (with extensions)
to support ontology tools.  Then the results could be exported
to a wide variety of other logic-based languages (including OWL).

That  would be an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone:
(a) enable traditional software developers to integrate their
work with the Semantic Web, and (b) enable SW developers to
integrate their work with traditional software technology.

As I've said many times, my major complaint about the Semantic
Web is that they ignored the tools and technologies that software
developers had been using for years -- including most of the
technology that they had been using successfully for commercial
web sites.


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