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Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 11:06:10 -0800
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In a different thread, you mention the QUOMOS effort. I am putting 
together a literature review on measurement ontologies (which as you 
note are numerous and leave much to be desired) and would very much like 
an update on the QUOMOS effort. Perhaps a link will be sufficient, as I 
have not been able to find much beyond the original call.    (01)

thanks, Tara
> In the QUOMOS effort, we used a different pitch for the BIPM 
> (International Bureau of Weights and Measures) folk. We told them there 
> should be a standard measurements ontology that they controlled, so that 
> two dozen uneducated software engineering standards teams would have no 
> excuse for building their own conflicting models and thus making a mess 
> of 21st century international trade. But in a certain sense, we were 
> just pitching the ontology to a different set of academics. Their 
> primary concern is about what is to be measured, what the quality of the 
> measurement is, and how the measurement and its quality are expressed. 
> Those specifications are used in government specifications and contract 
> rules. Industry folk rely on the references to the common standards, and 
> their specialists use the details of the standards in designing their 
> quality controls. The idea of the standard ontology is just to ensure 
> that the BIPM knowledge is what is engineered into the standard form for 
> the reasoning technologies that will supposedly be used in industry. It 
> doesn't convey advantage in its own right.
>       (02)

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