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From: Anders Tell <opensource@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 09:53:32 +0100
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On Jan 3, 2011, at 4:39 PM, Patrick Cassidy wrote:    (01)

> Re: John Sowa and Anders Tell comments:
> wrote:
>> Im not sure neutral is the quality to look for. Neutrality is often
>> ascribed to the caretaker of an ontology, and interoperabilty includes
>> a process of agreeing in order to reduce risk and costs for involved
>> parties.
>  The point I think is worth considering is that, unless one actually has a
> common vocabulary to describe one's models, there is no way to tell that
> they are in fact different.  The "process of agreeing" might well focus on
> agreement on how to describe the similarities and differences in one's
> domain models.  In terms of an ontology, I believe that a foundation
> ontology that contains an inventory of all the known primitive elements
> would serve that function.      (02)

This is an interesting notion to use higher 'level' elements to describe the 
similarities and differences in lower 'level' model.
Next is to look at, how many 'levels' do you have? Primitives and Domain and 
...?    (03)

>  Of course, as new information is gathered the basic vocabulary itself
> might also expand.  How quickly it expands, and how this might affect
> existing applications is an empirical question that will be interesting to
> explore.    (04)

Personally Im interested in looking at large scale systems or large scale Eco 
Systems of interlinked models/MOT's.    (05)

In this case the 'levels' usually  form longer chains of 
adaptation/derivations/transformations/interlinked MOT's.    (06)

Most users pick up some Industry's (or CommunityOfPractice or IT vendor or...)  
end-of-chain and then continue with bilateral agreements and internal 
adaptations.    (07)

Anders W. Tell    (08)

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