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From: John Bottoms <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 11:17:47 -0400
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Doug,    (01)

It appears you are using a classic, but common, definition of grammar. 
It results in a rather static definition of language that is not useful 
for semantic applications. Austin's definitions of language are more 
functional, although a bit primitive.    (02)

What we need is a dictionary that shows us the linguistic uses of words 
that can be used with semantic applications. It should show the context 
for usage, and what action should take place as a result of usage. This 
follows along the work of Austin and I think many would agree with this 
approach. WordNet tries to do some of this, but it is only a beginning 
and relies on the reader to extract what is needed.    (03)

-John Bottoms
  FirstStar    (04)

On 10/13/2010 10:24 AM, doug foxvog wrote:
> Pavithra wrote:
>> Isn't grammar the logic of the language? The verbs and the nouns and
>> what should follow what?? )
> Grammar in a natural language is a description of how that language is
> normally used.  If an accepted grammar is not followed that means either
> that the usage is somehow "improper", or that the grammar inadequately
> describes the normal usage of the language.
> Grammatical rules can be expressed using a logical formalism, but
> that does not mean that the grammar itself is a logic.
> -- doug    (05)

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