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Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 18:07:25 -0400 (EDT)
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On Sat, October 2, 2010 20:21, Pavithra said:
> If you try those visual thesaurus product,  for each word that I typed
> there were at least 8 - 24 meanings or ways of usage..
> That just tells me,  that most of the words in English language is used in
> many different ways.    (01)

It tells me that English words are not good labels for terms in a general
ontology.    (02)

> ...
> With so many different ways of referencing the same words, the resolution
> can get a little tough.  May be that is why they should use URI, more so
> because URN can be  URI too..    (03)

Words are signs.  As you note above, a single word can denote a large
number of different things.  It would be appropriate for an ontological
term for a word to indicate in its name that the term designates a word.
It would probably be appropriate to designate the language of a word
in the name, as well, so that words that are spelled alike in different
languages are not considered to be the same word.  E.g., Sin_SpanishWord
and Sin_EnglishWord.    (04)

> URI would give more of a granularity or clarity to the usage of the
> words..    (05)

The usage of words is a different matter.  Usage suggests to me properties
such as conjugation, declension, tense, restrictions on direct and indirect
objects, vowel harmony, gender, and grammatical number.  Rules or relations
can be stated to specify such usage.    (06)

Another matter is the meaning of words.  Again, relations are useful to
map individual words to each of their meanings.  Similarly, in specific
contexts other relations can specify preferred words to use for specific
meanings.    (07)

For example, Cyc does this as follows
  in Mt: EnglishLanguageMt.
  (isa Human-TheEnglishWord Word).
  (denotation Bank-TheEnglishWord CountNoun 1 Bank-FinancialInstitution).
  (denotation Bank-TheEnglishWord CountNoun 2 RiverBank).
  (denotation Bank-TheEnglishWord CountNoun 3 ...).
  (denotation Bank-TheEngishWord Verb 1 HavingABankAccount). ...
  (denotation Bank-TheEngishWord Verb 4 BankingAFire).    (08)

-- doug foxvog    (09)

> Pavithra    (010)

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