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[ontolog-forum] Fun with Names, strings, and other identifiers

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Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 15:52:18 -0400
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On just one point:

> Pavithra wrote
> > ...
> > I agree, that  in Classes, one has to define the attribute as  "Name"
> and specify it as a character string which can have a value "Kermit"!

[Doug Foxvog]: > I prefer John Sowa's distinction, in which the name is not
a character
> string, but something that has a character string as a spelling.

Yes, names are subtler than they appear at first.  The Ontology Works base
ontology had an elaborate system to distinguish 'Identifiers" from the
various strings that represent them.  Things one has to distinguish are the
original name in the original language, its written form (if any) in the
original language, its original pronunciation, any alternative script
transliterations, language changes ("Morningstar" for "Morgenstern"), and of
course name changes, aliases, cognomens, nicknames, abbreviations, etc.  And
then there are odd adaptations: in Chinese, the word for San Francisco is "
旧金山” (Jiu Jin Shan), which translates as "Old Gold Mountain".  And 
there are things used as an effort at unique identifiers, such  as Social
Security Number, email address, telephone number, Employee Identification
Number, etc.   Lots of fun trying to represent and relate all of them.

  And does anyone know how the string "Georgia" came to be applied to the
country "Gruzya" (another transliteration)?


Patrick Cassidy
cell: 908-565-4053

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