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Re: [ontolog-forum] MVC (was: Defining UML in Common Logic)

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On 2/22/10 2:58 PM, "Edward Barkmeyer" <edward.barkmeyer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:    (02)

> Upon reflection, I think you mean to place the emphasis on separating
> the presentation form of information from the information content
> itself, thus allowing multiple forms of representation for the same
> information.  Is that right?
DN: No.  My take is in alignment with clean separation of concerns.  The
main benefits I wrote about in my recent book were maintainability and
> First, that is a secondary aspect of the MVC pattern.  The MVC pattern
> is primarily about separating presentation technologies and presentation
> concerns, including form, from not only the information content but also
> from the processing application. The goal as presented in the MS article
> is to separate the responsibilities so that people who know how to deal
> with the ergonomic and technical concerns of the human interface can do
> the design and coding for that, while people who know how to do the
> business functions can do the design and coding for that.  That is not
> the only rationale for the pattern, but the emphasis is always on the
> difference in concerns, not just the difference in form.    (03)

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