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I am glad we agree on all else.  On this I will try to clarify:

On 2/23/10 9:52 AM, "Edward Barkmeyer" <edward.barkmeyer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> UML can also be used to represent the metadata for the
> model independent of implementation of any instances of the model within the
> application instance (this is where a lot of people get confused).

Well, I'm confused, because (1) I have no idea what you mean by
"metadata".  (2) I think "implementation of instances of the model
within the application instance" means "implementation of the MVC:Model
part of the application", but I'm not sure.  I would have said that the
UML:model can be a representation of an MVC:Model instance, i.e., the
MVC:Model part of an application implementation, at any of several
levels of abstraction.  (That is the MDA concept.)  Is that what you mean?

In the UN/CEFACT we often used UML to model the metadata that would be used to define schemas upon which XML instances would be validated.  As an example, we would simply scribble on napkins to build a UML CVD that might have an element “Foo” and an attribute “Bar” which had to have String value and was mandatory.  In this case, “metadata” simply meant “data about data”.  Defining XML schemas was a very popular activity from 1998-2008.



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