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I amn not sure if we are thinking the same here:    (01)

On 2/22/10 2:58 PM, "Edward Barkmeyer" <edward.barkmeyer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:    (02)

> Think of it this way:  If using MVC, I build a "Model" component that
> exports the XMI version of the UML model, can you build a View component
> that displays useful UML diagrams?  The answer is Yes.  That is exactly
> what UML tools do.  The Control component allows the user to select the
> components he wants on the diagram; the View section places the
> components on the diagram and may automatically add connecting
> relationships, and so on; and the Model they both use is the knowledge
> base consisting of the concept network extracted from the XMI and/or as
> built from user interactions.  But that is about presenting the
> knowledge contained in the UML model in other forms defined for UML models.
IMO, UML is an expression/view of the model, not the model itself.  So here
is a very basic breakdown (I wrote about this a lot in my last book 'Web 2.0
Architectures" for Tim O'Reilly (
trepreneurs_and_archi.htm)    (03)

An application using MVC has a model.  The model can be expressed as UML as
one possible view.  UML can also be used to represent the metadata for the
model independent of implementation of any instances of the model within the
application instance (this is where a lot of people get confused).  The
application itself does not use UML as the format for the model (UML is only
a two dimensional "view" of a model, not executable via an application.    (04)

The control can be used to update the model or the view.  The view can also
offer functionality that can trigger the control to do some forms of
calculations which may also update either the view, the model or both.    (05)

There are many variations of this.  For example, in Adobe Flex we have many
frameworks for working with MVC.  Some are more complex than others and use
secondary patterns such as mediators to register for events and relay
communications (such as the Cairngorm framework).  PureMVC, Matte are much
easier to digest for beginners.    (06)

Duane    (07)

Duane    (08)

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