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[ontolog-forum] Semantic patterns and logic expression

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Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 10:57:41 -0800
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I frequently have to define a semantic pattern, but find that it cannot be expressed in the current versions of DL, or OWL Full, or in FOL.

An example is what linguists call “co-occurrence restrictions”. For instance, one cannot be one’s own uncle. If you try to express this in OWL-DL for example, as a property chain (father’s brother) that is irreflexive, you’ve violated the semantic constraints on OWL-DL models. The pattern can be expressed in OWL Full and in FOL.

A serious search of the web for a catalog of such patterns and their _expression_ (or lack of it)  in the various families of logics has not produced anything.

Is this a concern to others on this list? Have I overlooked something?




Jim Rhyne

Software Renovation Consulting

Los Gatos, California

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