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Re: [ontolog-forum] foundation ontology primitives

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Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com

Hi Ferenc, you wrote:


And as you know it is sometimes cheaper to scrap an unsatisfactory system than patching it ad infinitum. A new system is needed with new paradigms when the old one keeps you frustrated.

The current ontologies focus on objects only, properties are not structured into repositories and relations are now defined in a funny idiosyncretic way that does not allow integration of ontologies. The contained in, or partof relation, etc. too are very trivial and uninteresting from a NL translation point of view.


Your hint about structuring properties into repositories is an interesting one.  Other than the very simple clustering approach of FCA (formal concept analysis), I don’t know of approaches that START with properties, other than my own stuff ( www.englishlogickernel.com ) and partition properties into groups.  


Property groupings, with groups including both methods and values, seem to be a better way to characterize reality chunks than just by inventing new properties every time you add another new concept to stand alone from the others.  OO diagrams, UML etc, help developers think about interactions among objects, not just about the objects.  Programmers invented “packages” to try to manage groups objects into the proper clusters for an application.  


A clustering of properties, AKA a class in FCA terms, cross producted with a cluster of things, AKA a package in programming terms, is a method for building coherent, collimated capabilities into a transferable unit.  But there hasn’t really been enough thought given to how a package encompasses an ontology, IMHO.  If anyone can provide a reference URL or two to the contrary, please do so.  




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