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In response to David's posting
and also attn.: Ravi
Yes, you are right.
What used to be a difference with hyperdictionary though that it offered you to go through links of every content word, and if done quickly, than it can approach the speed of thinking/recall.
The only advantage I see in computing and digital representations as opposed to 2D is the speed and the size of input available at a time - which is limited by humans anyway to around four five objects. Chunking is crucial whether you see verbal signs individually or as a cluster. I learning to read you go through those stages with letters as you may recall.
The really fantastic advantage of machine over mind is in sorting and capacity. But since knowledge representations are stored and retrieved by forms they do not directly enable learning/search for content. They are simply not stored with content (along with context as well) that would not produce multiple hits - but matches.
We tend to forget that in many cases we just do not know or remember the form but we known content (e.g. properties, more generic or narrower terms, etc.). It is especially common with translation, where there is just no name for a newly invented object.

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