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Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 19:01:30 +0000 (GMT)
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Thanks Azamat, I appreciate your points and references.
I have the impression that most of the verbal exchanges between humans, whether on forums like this or elsewhere, is highly superficial.What I would like to see happen is nothing in the line of essays where you seemingly have a dialog, but never get to a synthesis. I am trying to enter into a dialog a la John Dewey's disciplined mind style where nothing is left undefined, or nothing is offered as a whole book of reading when you only need a word to be explained.
In fact, there is one nice product on the internet that I think of with high regard, and it is called hyperdictionary
http://www.hyperdictionary.com/. For me it is more useful than WordNet, or any of the ontologies that I have come across with (few). It does not mean that i agree with its content, like what is written on ontology, but i see that a good start of recording and checking out all the verbal input that is not clear in an exchange.
Suppose you have concepts defined in terms of extension and intension as well, you are one more step closer to see if we are talking about the same thing or not. Moreover, we can also find out the semantic and pragmatic differences that are usually hidden in superficial discourse.

Before I start reviewing the so-called Cartesian Mind model, let me admit that i attribute intelligence (whatever that means to you) to animals, including viruses and I am also aware that for instance serotonin is mostly produced in the guts and not in the brain, etc. I also realize that ego-boundaries are flexible and are controlled by emotion, illusion and self-deception, etc. I also accept that living organisms are self-organizing systems, including human groups of people, etc. with people eager to augment intellect as the former or so-called bootstrapping society claimed to be craving only to disclose a couple of years ago that they want a cast system based on access to computing power. They removed that webpage and their name is changed now if I am not mistaken to  http://www.dougengelbart.org/about/bootstrapping-strategy.html
Now it is sickening thought that it is not the mental and intellectual development of the people is in focus, instead, it is the gadgetry that is required to outwit the humans, at home and abroad. As an example learning a second language is not deemed to be a worthwhile exercise, but financing MT projects producing garbage and spaghetti speech is not. Of course, that is not causing me a headache, but if  you  believe that
"that there is no boundary between an individual mind, cultural artifacts, other minds and the environment. This is the sure way to see how the higher-level intellectual systems emerge, collective knowledge networks and innovative knowledge communities." then you certainly do not notice the futility of the gatherings world-wide on any subject, science, politics or you name it in bringing about practical results, solutions and not meta-solutions that create new and more problems.As the case is, if you ask me.And this is not to deny the fruits of technological progress.But advanced technology is not identical with high intelligence, especially not in a system where the weakest link will determine survival.
P.S. For the past year I have been collecting various definitions of words/concepts that are used here too unquestioned, like knowledge, mind, etc.it is amazing to see how chaotic we can get in usage and interpretation. Wikipedia, the internet or other sources are no exception.
I think I should keep quite for some time and do my homework as suggested. Thank, anyway.

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