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[ontolog-forum] from logical intuitions to natural logic2.

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From: Paola Di Maio <paola.dimaio@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 17:15:33 +0100
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I am not particularly competent in logic per se, and find discussions on the topic indeed  a bit too much on the heavy side but yesterday I had the pleasure to listen to a talk by Pieters Seuren (only bits of which I could grasp - which makes me want to study more)

He made some points that I can relate to, with reference to discussions on this and sw fora
(apologies for the poor wording, I have not had the time to elaborate, the sentences below are imprecise paraphrasing and possibly even incorrect)

1. logic is not a mathematical constructs, although mathematics is used to express it/represent it/compute logic.
So  logic exists  in human/natural language (John Sowa has made this point many times here) .

2. Pieter hypothesizes that some 'non western' populations indeed may have different logical systems/constructs (reference to my claim that 'chinese logic' in the related thread in 2007 (I remember that cause I was on my way to china when we had the discussion). Pieter points out that its still an hypothesis, but some observations to that effect have been made. (I am very interested because I have made similar observations, although I cannot explain/justify what I see very well)

He also mentioned that from what he sees/understands of logic constructs used in IT, they are not always sound/fit for purpose

The above points are very loosely paraphrased and likely to be debatable een in the original wording, but the arguments he made seemed convincing
I am sure some of it  would shed additional light on ongoing discussions

The first chapter of his recent book is entitled 'Natural Ontology', and I wonder it may be related to some of the points made earlier
Should  Ontolog  invite Pieter to give a presentation of his new work, where relevant to the forum

(btw , what happened to Steve Wolfram? is he still an option?)

The handout for thet talk yesterday is posted below, fyi



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