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Re: [ontolog-forum] UK apology for its treatment of Turing

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Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 10:08:54 +0100
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Education / truth  alone help remove darkness around such atrocities!     Hindus celebrate Diwali,  like Christmas, a festival of light in symbolism to enlighten those that are in the dark!

I  learn that the caste system is still firmy in place in Indian society
Not long ago a fellow lecturer, an educated guy with a degree or two, Java programmer, very switched on, and overall  devent person, announced proudly and  with a big smile ' I am going to marry a girl from my caste' (arranged marriage).

 I answered 'congrats but err,, wasnt the cast system abolished some time ago?' he gazed away, as if he had never been given that particular history lesson

 There are thousands of broken heart stories cause of cast system, indian friends tell me (people who love each other cannot marry cause families will cause a fuss)

In the west we dont have a cast system but  imho class system is still de facto firmly in place in society too, certainly to some extent.

The literature about the theories caste system make a great read, example
http://adaniel.tripod.com/origin.htm, which shows the great cognitive confusion
that humanity is burdened with

Its derived from millennia of poor understanding or deliberate manipulation or a combination of both of scraps of vedic liteturature (rather cryptic stuff), left to the interpretation of a handful of pompous representatives of the learned society

Funny enough, many religions (and science can be a religion too to some) dogmatize and use knowledge to indoctrinate about a thing or other - all made up by humans nothing to do with Divinity  per se. I put it down to very bad knowledgef

(in fact true liberation is  pursued by renunciation to society and its values

The lesson that we can learn, and probably the only portion of this thread relevant  to this forum, is that a lot of deviation can arise from misrepresentation of knowledge
and a lot of ignorance suffering and evil can be caused by accepting
what is transmitted by society at face value and without questioning and without proper inquiry and demistification.
Ant that it takes courage and self sacrifice to do that...



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